A reputation built on trust

2K Shipping and Trading was established as a private company in 1991 in Istanbul, Turkey, and is an independent, financially strong company run by a team of highly trained professionals. With a backing of over 20 years, 2K has established a reputation as a passionate and dedicated company ready to satisfy the most complex tasks given to us by our clients. The range of services extends from conventional freight forwarding to integrated logistics solutions and intermodal logistics.

We offer full scope of services for general, oversized and heavy-lift cargo transportation that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations. Powered by motivation and creativity we conceive the greatest and most unique logistic solutions.

2K is currently one of the leading international transportation companies in Turkey.

 Our services include:

  • Consulting, planning, route assessment
  • Turnkey lifting & transport operations of heavy-lift cargo
  • Pre-project analysis and tailor-made solutions based on client needs
  • Ship chartering – general and break bulk cargo, project and heavy lift cargo
  • Liner services to Caspian Sea and Africa
  • Barging – offshore and in-land waterways
  • Multi-modal transport projects
  • Ship sale and purchase services
  • Repair services
  • Efficient coordination with port authorities and other government authorities
  • Insurance (cargo, P&I, hull and machinery insurance, etc.)
  • Documented supervision of all operations at all key stages
  • Comprehensive information management
  • Documentation works and customs clearance
  • Shipping agency services in all ports of Turkey and straits
  • Handling and storage of all cargoes
  • Transportation possibilities in in-land waters of Russia and Ukraine

2K is a member of BIMCO since May 1993 (BIMCO No: 115173).