Ship Registration Services

We sincerely welcome you to choose and supervise our services so as to jointly meet the evolving needs of the shipping industry for greater and more effective maritime security and make our ultimate contribution to the safety and security of shipping and the cleanness of seas.

2K Ship Registration Division is committed to further company's expansion as an international advising service centre concerning ship registration matters.

This is manifested by the continuous development of what already is a sophisticated legal and financial regime, by the huge investment in infrastructural services, and by the sheer determination to succeed both on the part of the authorities and also of the substantial number of highly trained professionals who provide excellent back-up services.

It is from within this framework of an international maritime and service centre that 2K Ship Registration Division offers the international shipping community a wide range of choice of thriving and reputable open ship registries of the world.

Concentrating on key areas of customer satisfaction such as focus on their needs, expectations and opinions, understanding their business, we are ready to share our experience with our customers while maintaining them confidentiality, and involve them in developing our services, and ensure uniform services