2K Ship Maintenance and Repair Division has the flexibility required for maintaining and repairing ships anywhere in Turkey with 24 hours call out time, avoiding the usual 2—3 week notice period required by most service providers.

We represent Turkish shipyards and introduce them to international shipping companies in order to promote their ship repair facilities and docking spaces. We also provide professional consultancy services and assistance to owners by coordinating with shipyards to ensure that the repair is carried out in the most economic and efficient way.

We have been selected and appointed as exclusive agent by local shipyards. This anables us to provide our customers with quick professional advice or take care of any necessary arrangements for the voyage, emergency or dry-docking repair.

We started this business in 1995 arranging repears for the fleet of Kamchatka Sea Shipping Company and since then maintained very good relationship and connections with many Turkish shipyards and achieved international prominence along with building a solid foundation of knowledge, expertise and experience, necessary to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Our services are:

  • Ship repair, maintenance and construction
  • Conversion
  • Engine repair and overhaul
  • Manufacturing of spare parts
  • Production of metal constructions using latest technologies
  • Repair of electric equipment and machinery
  • Casting, forging and punching of non-ferrous metals, steel and iron
  • Galvanization
  • New building, repair and maintenance of yachts and smaller vessels

We perform jobs of almost any size, regardless of the complexity of the project, from routine maintenance to major overhauls and modernization.

All facilities that we use combine a rich heritage of marine engineering skills and experience with network of distribution centers and specialist workshops. We can provide ship owners with a range of expertise specifically tailored for the task ranging from emergency ship repairs to project management of complete refits in Turkey.