Ship Survey Services
 2K Surveying Division is a world leader in inspections of variety of commodities and products, Marine and Cargo surveys and Testing services. 2K Surveying Division operating from Headquarters in Turkey, has locations in major ports in Turkey and representations throughout the world.

All 2k employees and sub-contractors are highly professional, always working independently and without prejudice to the rights of all parties concerned. The company maintains a rigorous compliance program to ensure that all inspectors and surveyors act professionally and ethically.

The division has a high level of expertise in the difficult inshore and inter-tidal zones and has become adept at managing the fine balance between good data coverage and quality at reasonable cost for customers.Some of the specific inspection services provides by 2K's Surveying Division are as follows:

  • P&I condition surveys
  • Value determination
  • Damage determination
  • Cargo loss damage survey
  • Refrigerated cargo, fresh fruit, vegetables and frozen products
  • Hull and Machinery
  • Loss adjusting
  • Quantity inspections
  • Container and equipment inspections
  • Ullaging of liquid cargo tanks
  • Quality and quantity supervision and contractual sampling in accordance with various trade associations
  • Pre-shipment inspection – valuation, quality and quantity
  • Tally and cargo checking
  • Testing various commodities such as grains, sugar, fertilizers for moisture, natural weight, sprout content, etc.
  • Laboratory testing of fuels, grains, fertilizers and various other products
  • Hatch cleanliness surveys
  • On/off hire charter surveys
  • Hatch cover integrity (Ultrasonic) tests
  • Statistical Services
  • Scrap metal and waste paper
  • And many more…