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Agriculture Industry Services

At 2KSC, we recognize the critical role of agriculture in sustaining global food systems and are dedicated to supporting this vital industry with our specialized shipping and logistics solutions. Understanding the diverse and dynamic nature of agricultural projects, we offer tailored services to meet the evolving demands of this sector. Our comprehensive range of services includes:


Farm Equipment and Machinery Logistics

We provide expert logistics support for the transportation of agricultural machinery and equipment. This includes tractors, harvesters, plows, and other essential farm implements. Our experienced team manages the transportation, ensuring safe and efficient delivery of these vital tools to farms and agricultural sites worldwide.

Seed and Crop Transportation

Recognizing the importance of timely and careful transportation of seeds and crops, we offer specialized services for their movement. Our expertise encompasses the handling and shipping of various types of seeds and harvested crops, ensuring they reach their destinations in optimal condition, ready for processing or market.

Fertilizer and Agrochemicals Logistics

We facilitate the efficient transport of fertilizers and agrochemicals essential for modern agriculture. Understanding the sensitive nature of these materials, we prioritize safe handling, compliance with regulations, and timely delivery to ensure they are available when and where needed.

Irrigation Equipment Supply Chain

Irrigation is a crucial component of agricultural success. We specialize in the logistics of transporting irrigation systems, including pipes, pumps, and sprinkler systems, to agricultural areas, ensuring that farmers have the necessary resources to maintain crop health and productivity.

Livestock and Poultry Transport

We offer comprehensive solutions for the transportation of livestock and poultry. Our team is adept at handling the unique requirements of live animal transport, ensuring their welfare during transit, and complying with all health and safety regulations.

Agricultural Project Cargo Management

Our project cargo management services cater to large-scale agricultural projects. We handle the logistics of oversized and heavy equipment, from planning and coordination to transportation and on-site delivery. This service is vital for the establishment and expansion of agricultural facilities and infrastructure.

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