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Protecting Agency


When it comes to efficient ship agency services in Türkiye, vessel owners and operators often need a trusted partner.

That's where we come in. We are committed to overseeing your charterers’ agents and ensuring that all port call operations prioritize your best interests. By choosing us as your protective ship agent in Türkiye, you are ensuring an efficient, reliable, and seamless port call experience. We welcome all types of vessels, and our professional, trustful, and polite team is always ready to assist you.

Reliable Protective Agency Services in Türkiye

Advisory Excellence

Offering crucial advice based on Türkiye's port laws and regulations, as well as providing market intelligence on local rates and port disbursements.

Port Restrictions Confirmation

Meticulously verifying any port restrictions and local operating practices that could affect your vessel.

Objective Analysis

Giving you an unbiased view on port or berth congestion, helping you plan your logistics efficiently.

Financial Accuracy

Verifying the proforma disbursement account provided by the charterer's agent, and responsibly handling the receipt and disbursement of owners' funds as required.

Detailed Reporting

Supplying port call operation reports in the format you prefer, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Continuous Onboard Monitoring

Ensuring a constant, professional presence onboard your vessel throughout the entire port call.

Document Verification

Rigorously checking all cargo documents, reports, and time sheets. We countersign the final Statement of Facts (SOF) and resolve any discrepancies by liaising with the owner.

Conflict Resolution

If reconciliation is not possible, issuing letters of protest in line with your specific requirements.

Bill of Lading Approval

Scrutinizing and approving Bills of Lading to ensure all is in order.

Comprehensive Crew Assistance

Addressing any crew-related issues, such as medical visits and crew changes, with utmost efficiency.

Safety and Security

Ensuring your vessel's compliance with both local and international safety and security protocols.

24/7 Emergency Contact

Providing around-the-clock emergency contact services to address any unforeseen issues.

Customized Solutions

Catering to any specialized requirements you may have, ensuring efficient and tailored service.

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