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Haydarpasa Terminal

Haydarpasha Port-Aerial-Port-Terminal-Cityscape-Busy-Shipping-Operations

Haydarpasha Port Terminal: Premier Heavy Lift and Transit Cargo Solutions Leading-Edge Cargo Handling Services at Haydarpasha Port Terminal

Welcome to our dedicated 42,000 m² section at the expansive Haydarpasha Port, a hub of efficiency and reliability for your heavy lift and transit cargo needs. Our specialized area, part of the larger port, is tailored to provide top-tier shipping solutions.

Committed to Facilitating Your Business Success

"Opting for our specialized area within Haydarpasha Port aligns you with a team that is not only dedicated to operational excellence and customer satisfaction but also deeply committed to setting new standards in maritime logistics. With our expert knowledge of port rules, vessel options, and market trends, we are poised to exceed your expectations and play a pivotal role in the success of your business. Our focus on delivering precise chartering and freight forwarding insights ensures that you have access to the most relevant and actionable data. Whether it involves navigating complex legal and contractual points or providing detailed information on demurrage, deadweight tonnage, and bills of lading, our team is equipped to handle every aspect of your maritime logistics needs with unmatched professionalism. By choosing us, you are choosing a partner that is relentlessly focused on not just meeting, but surpassing your business objectives.


Terminal at a Glance

Size & Location

A specialized 42,000 m² area within the extensive Haydarpasha Port.


Four dedicated berths equipped with state-of-the-art heavy lifting machinery.

Heavy Lifting Capabilities

Advanced crane combinations capable of lifting up to 700 tons, ensuring operational consistency and high performance.


Expertly trained operators and staff guarantee the safe and timely handling of various cargo types, including project cargo and break-bulk.


Four dedicated berths designed to accommodate a diverse range of vessel sizes.

Operational Efficiency

Our streamlined operations significantly reduce turnaround times, with priority berthing options available for our clients.


A professional team with extensive industry knowledge, committed to the highest standards of safety and efficiency.


Continuous training programs ensure our staff remains abreast of the latest industry trends and standards.

Warehouse Storage

A secure 10,000 m² enclosed warehouse with complimentary storage periods.

Heavy Lifting Equipment

Including two 600-ton crawler cranes and the capacity for roll-in/roll-out operations of up to 1500 tons.


Comprehensive facilities supporting both roll-in and roll-off procedures.


Our terminal offers efficient, cost-effective solutions, adapted to your specific needs.

Tailored Services

We focus on building long-term partnerships, offering customized solutions for a wide range of requirements.

Proven Track Record

A history of satisfied clients across various sectors stands testament to our commitment to excellence.

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