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Shipyard Agency


Shipyard Agency Services navigating the complexities of a shipyard stay.

Choose us as your dedicated Shipyard Agent to ensure a seamless, efficient experience from arrival to departure. We understand that time is money; that’s why we’re committed to managing every detail with precision.

Key Services

Pre-Arrival Coordination

From booking your yard slot to initial risk assessments, we set the stage for a successful stay.

Smooth Arrival

We handle all formalities—pilot coordination, customs, and safety checks—to get your vessel securely berthed.

Project Oversight

Act as your eyes and ears on the ground, ensuring work proceeds as planned and quality standards are met.

Logistical Support

Whether it’s parts delivery or crew welfare, consider it done. We keep things running smoothly.

Financial Transparency

With meticulous review of all invoices and facilitated payments, rest assured that you're getting value for money.

Final Inspections & Departure

Before your vessel sets sail, we ensure all work meets agreed-upon standards and handle all departure documentation.

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