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Lifting Plan

At 2KSC, we take pride in our capabilities to perform lifting drawings for heavy-lift and out-of-gauge cargo in a professional manner.

With our extensive experience, technical expertise, and commitment to safety, we have successfully executed numerous projects involving oversized and heavy cargo. team of skilled professionals works diligently to create accurate and detailed lifting drawings that ensure the safe and efficient transport of your valuable cargo.

Lifting Plan

Heavylift and out-of-gauge cargo refers to oversized or exceptionally heavy cargo that requires specialized handling and transportation. At 2KSC, we have extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of heavy-lift and out-of-gauge cargo, including machinery, equipment, structures, and more. Our expertise allows us to understand the unique characteristics and requirements of different types of cargo falling into these categories.

Understanding Heavylift

and Out of Gauge Cargo

Lifting drawings are technical drawings that provide detailed instructions for lifting and handling oversized or heavy cargo during transportation. These drawings play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient loading, securing, and unloading of such cargo. At 2KSC, we recognize the importance of accurate and comprehensive lifting drawings in the successful execution of transport projects.

Risk Safety

The Role of Lifting Drawings

When it comes to creating lifting drawings, our team at 2KSC follows a meticulous process. We collaborate closely with engineers, riggers, and the cargo owner to gather all the necessary information and requirements. We incorporate safety considerations and regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance with industry standards and guidelines. Utilizing advanced software and tools, we generate accurate and detailed drawings that encompass essential information such as dimensions, weight distribution, and lifting points.

Lifting Drawning

Creating Lifting Drawings

At 2KSC, we understand that the implementation of lifting drawings is just as crucial as their creation. We emphasize effective communication and dissemination of the drawings to all relevant parties involved in the transportation project. Ensuring the availability of drawings at the loading and unloading sites is a priority for us, enabling seamless coordination and execution. We collaborate closely with rigging personnel to ensure strict adherence to the instructions and conduct regular inspections and adjustments based on feedback and changes in cargo characteristics.

Lifting Process

Implementing Lifting Drawings

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