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Project of Carriage of Large Railway Passenger Wagons

Updated: May 28

Project Overview:

Our latest project involved the transportation of 22 large railway passenger wagons, totaling 7,242.576 cubic meters and 1,122 tons. The operation was carried out from Derince Port to Um Qasr, Iraq, ensuring secure and timely delivery of these essential transportation units.

Cargo Details:

The railway passenger wagons were significant in size and weight, with each wagon having the following specifications:

Dimensions: 26.40 x 2.90 x 4.30 meters

Weight: 51 tons per wagon

Project Execution:

Loading and Securing: Each wagon was carefully loaded and secured using specialized handling equipment to ensure stability and safety during transport. Our team of experts managed the process meticulously, adhering to stringent safety protocols.

Sea Transport: The wagons were transported by sea from Derince Port to Um Qasr, Iraq. Our experienced maritime team navigated the route with precision, ensuring the cargo was kept secure and stable throughout the voyage.

Unloading and Delivery: Upon arrival at Um Qasr, the wagons were unloaded with the same level of care and precision. Coordinating closely with local authorities, we ensured the cargo was handled efficiently and safely for final delivery.

Challenges Overcome:

Logistical Coordination: The size and weight of the railway passenger wagons required detailed logistical planning and coordination with port authorities and local transportation providers to ensure smooth handling and transit.

Securing Cargo: Ensuring the wagons remained stable and secure during sea transport was a critical aspect of this project. Our team used advanced securing techniques to prevent any movement or damage.


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