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A route survey conducted by 2KSC is an essential and thorough process that ensures the safe, efficient, and compliant transportation of your cargo.

It encompasses a detailed examination and analysis of the entire transportation path from its origin to the destination. Our approach is meticulous, focusing on key aspects that impact cargo movement, ensuring that every potential challenge is addressed before the journey begins.

Route Survey Work

Our team carefully examines every physical aspect of the proposed transportation route. This includes not just the basic measurements like road widths, bridge heights, and tunnel dimensions, but also a detailed look at overhead cables and any other structural elements that could pose a challenge to the movement of your cargo. We take into account the size and nature of the cargo, ensuring that the physical infrastructure can accommodate it without any issues.

In-Depth Physical Infrastructure Assessment

Understanding traffic patterns is crucial for a smooth transportation process. Our analysis goes beyond just assessing the volume of traffic; we delve into the flow patterns and specific time-based restrictions that might affect the journey. This detailed evaluation helps in planning the transportation schedule, avoiding high traffic zones, and selecting the most efficient routes, thereby minimizing potential delays and disruptions.


Comprehensive Traffic Analysis

Adhering to local and regional regulations is not just a legal requirement but a commitment to safety and responsibility. We take great care in obtaining all necessary permits for heavy lift and OOG (Out of Gauge) transportation. Our team stays updated with the latest regulatory changes and requirements, ensuring that every aspect of your transportation project is compliant with legal standards.

Route Permits

Rigorous Compliance with Permits and Regulations

A crucial but often overlooked aspect of route surveys is the identification of underground utilities. Our surveyors use advanced techniques to map out water lines, gas pipelines, and electrical cables. This is vital to prevent any unintentional disruptions or damage to these utilities, which can cause significant delays and additional costs.

Detailed Utility Mapping for Underground Infrastructure

Detailed Utility Mapping for Underground Infrastructure

The primary objective of our route surveys is to ensure the highest level of safety for your cargo, our staff, and public infrastructure. By identifying and strategizing against potential risks, we significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents and damage. This proactive approach to safety is a cornerstone of our operational philosophy.

Safety Chess

Ensuring Safety and Minimizing Risks

By carefully selecting routes based on thorough research and analysis, we guarantee an efficient transportation process. Our team's expertise in identifying the most suitable paths considering traffic and infrastructure specifics results in notable time savings and a smoother journey for your cargo.

Handy Size Vessel

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Unexpected obstacles and rerouting can lead to significant cost overruns. Our route surveys aim to foresee and circumvent such issues, ensuring that your transportation budget is adhered to. This foresight in planning helps in avoiding last-minute changes and additional expenses.

Cost Management man working

Cost Management Through Strategic Planning

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