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At 2KSC, we understand the intricate requirements involved in transporting heavy lift and over-gauge cargo (OGG).

Our civil works are meticulously planned and executed to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of oversized loads. Here’s how we approach this complex task.


Lane Expansion: We widen lanes to accommodate exceptionally wide cargo, ensuring safe and unobstructed passage.

Bridge Reinforcement: Our team strengthens bridges along the route to bear the weight of heavy loads without compromising structural integrity.

Height Clearance Adjustments: We modify overhead clearances, raising or relocating utility lines and traffic signals to facilitate taller cargo.

Roadway Enhancement

for Cargo Transit

Crane Foundations: We construct solid, level crane pads for secure crane operations during loading and unloading phases.

Ramp Installation: Our team strategically installs ramps to smoothly manage elevation differences between transport vehicles and loading areas.

Support and Stabilization Solutions: Techniques like cribbing and blocking are utilized to provide additional support and stability for the cargo during its journey.


Creation of Temporary Access and Support Structures

Underground Utility Reconfiguration: To ensure unimpeded transit, we may temporarily relocate underground utilities such as water, gas, and electrical lines.

Overhead Utility Adjustments: Overhead utilities are also managed by temporarily raising or relocating them to prevent interference with cargo movement.


Utility Management for Uninterrupted Transit

Permit Acquisition and Regulation Adherence: We secure all necessary permits and remain in strict compliance with local and regional regulations for infrastructure alterations.

Strategic Traffic Control: To minimize disruption and maintain safety, we implement comprehensive traffic management plans during the transportation process.


Regulatory Compliance and Traffic Management

We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations. Our team conducts thorough assessments and takes appropriate measures to mitigate any potential environmental effects of our civil works.

For each project, 2KSC tailors its approach to the unique characteristics of your cargo, the planned route, and the existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and successful transportation process. Our team's expertise in handling heavy lift and OGG transportation guarantees that your cargo reaches its destination safely and efficiently.


Environmental Consideration in Civil Works

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