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Ship Repair

Vessel propeller 2KSC
At 2KSC, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in maritime services.

With a rich history in the industry and an impressive fleet of floating docks, we are your trusted solution for ship repair and maintenance.

Professionalism: We embody trustworthiness and unwavering dedication to maritime culture, ensuring the highest level of professionalism in all our services.

Vast Experience: With a track record of serving countless customers, we have experience in handling vessels ranging from 3,000 to 60,000 DWT, providing tailored solutions to meet individual needs.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest technology, guaranteeing the highest quality of service and efficient operations.

Industry Partnerships: We have established solid partnerships with key players in the industry, ensuring seamless service delivery and access to a wide range of resources.

Why Choose Us?

We offer a comprehensive range of repair and maintenance services, meticulously designed to address the specific needs of ship owners. Our facilities feature:

  • High-Pressure Water Jetting: Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we provide high-pressure water jetting services up to 1500 bars of pressure for efficient cleaning and surface preparation.

  • Grid/Sand Blasting: Our capabilities include grid/sand blasting with a capacity of 3000 m2 per day, ensuring effective paint removal and surface treatment.

  • Tank Coating Facilities: Equipped with advanced dehumidifiers, vacuum removers, and dry air supply, our tank coating facilities ensure optimal conditions for coating applications.

  • Propulsion System Maintenance: Our experienced technicians conduct thorough examinations of propulsion systems, including rudders, propellers, and tail shafts, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


  • CNC Controlled Plasma Cutting Machines: Utilizing precision CNC technology, we provide accurate and efficient plasma cutting services for various applications.

  • Optical Cutting Machines with Flame: Our optical cutting machines with flame technology ensure precise and clean cutting for a wide range of materials.

  • MIG Tie Gravity Welding Machines: Equipped with MIG tie gravity welding machines, we deliver high-quality welds for strong and durable connections.

  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Manufacturing (CAM): Our CAD and CAM capabilities enable us to provide precise designs and efficient manufacturing processes for customized solutions.

Advanced Machinery & Technology

Our extensive wharf facilities are capable of accommodating vessels up to 160,000 DWT. Equipped with a wide range of servicing capabilities, including pressure air, steam, sludge removal, and tank cleaning, we ensure comprehensive servicing and maintenance for your vessels.

Choose 2KSC for your maritime service needs and experience the excellence that comes with our professional and reliable solutions. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us provide you with top-notch maritime services tailored to your needs.

Wharf Facilities

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